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About me

Transferable Skills

Resilient in the face of change, adaptable, ability to transfer enthusiasm, appreciation for excellence and beauty, sales training and role play practice as a member of the Seufferlein Sales Program, and formal leadership training and certification through the Wildcat Leadership Institute.

Additional Training

Social intelligence, emotional intelligence, empathy, client relationships, creating and delivering messages to varied audiences, team facilitation, interpersonal communication competency, platform dexterity - skilled in crafting persuasive arguments across media platforms, gender communication competence, intercultural communication, and data analysis. 

For Fun

I was born and raised in Sacramento, CA

I have a cat named Petunia 

I try to write often

I thrive off of the energy of others 

& I love to laugh



Graduation from California State University Chico

University Stadium, Chico CA 95926

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Graduation from California State University Chico

University Stadium, Chico CA 95926

Blog Publication

My blog writing experience is developing immensely as I continue to collaborate on, and contribute to my internship company's blog. 

Excited for what's to come..


inspiration SPOTLIGHT

Julia Garcia: We Don't Look Like Our Stories

The date was February 28th, and I was putting on my rain jacket in preparation for my walk to campus. I wasn't walking to class or the library this time...this time I was walking to what was described to me as a "speech about social media". Applicable to what I have been exposed to during my internship is what I thought to myself. Nothing bad will come from showing up to check it out, so out the door I went. 

In the auditorium there were chairs set up for 100 people and I was the first one there. Three minutes passed the beginning of the "speech" I was sitting among 20 other people at most, in silence. Thoughts raced through my mind about how awful it might feel to give a speech to an empty room. Boy, was I in for a surprise..

Out walks Julia Garcia, full of energy, and requesting that we all snuggle up closer to the stage and prepare ourselves for "workshop mode". Julia masterfully commanded the room and created an instant safe place by dimming the lights, and exerting a welcoming and hopeful aura in a way I've never seen before. 

Julia was at Chico State that fateful Thursday to reach out and start a conversation with us about the negative effects that social media can have on our self-esteem. I connected personally with everyone in that auditorium thanks to the confidence we acquired while working with Julia. Through her exercises, poetry and vulnerability, I was inspired to never be a spectator of my own life because social media can be de-sensitizing and change our frame of reference on reality. During Julia's talk I was challenged to define what "being real" meant to me and commit to the "real space" to open up that we were creating as a group. 

As a young female professional living in the era of technology, I found this evening spent with Julia and 20 or so other Wildcats really rounded out a lot of the harsh questions I had about my life, my relationships, my self-image and my career expectations. 

It's refreshing to connect on a human level and be a listener. Reflexive technophobia and over regulation is not the message Julia shared with us on February 27th; it was a message of self love, because.. We Don't Look Like Our Stories! 

Thank you always to Chico State for providing the space, and thank you to Julia and my peers for creating a safe space 


Above is a group photo of Chico students and myself with Julia Garcia (bottom left, purple hair). We are all holding up a "T" to represent our truth. 

Community Outreach

Camp Fire Project Coordination

The holidays have passed, the New Year came and went and it remains necessary for me to reflect on the impact left behind from the devastating Camp Fire in November. 

As a Senior at Chico State, I felt a responsibility to be involved with Camp Fire relief efforts during the peak of the fire. With every excruciating missing person, burned mileage and containment update that whisked across my social media, I felt increasingly complacent. The fire was less than half contained, and it appeared unproductive to be harping over social media rather than acting as a bridge for those in my Sacramento community to help my Chico community. I used my connections to coordinate a donation drive for supplies that I directly delivered to Camp Fire victims at various shelters, and not forgetting those stuck in the rain in the Walmart parking lot. The supplies  and donation drive lasted three days, completely took over my house, and a lot of great things were accomplished. As I approach my last semester at Chico State and my second term as a social media marketing intern, I can't help but wonder what role social media networking played in this particular relief effort. Did social media help or hurt our community in times of chaos?  Food for thought. 



Networking Know How

I'm confident in my networking skills after attending 'Networking Know How' presented by the Chico State Career Center. It was a great evening listening and learning from distinguished Chico Alumni Lain Hensley of Odyssey Teams Inc. He challenged us to step out of our comfort zone and put our professional communication skills to the test. Thanks to all involved! 

Rosedale Elementary Schoo, Chico CA

COMMUNITY outreach

Painting with a Purpose

I had the opportunity to  volunteer alongside 400+ of my peers at Chico Make a Difference Day on Oct. 27th! Service opportunities ranged from cleaning up local areas such as Lost Park, Chico's Downtown Plaza, One-Mile Recreation area and re-painting the blacktop at Rosedale Elementary School. It was mentioned during the introduction of the event that those who give their time to others, perceive themselves as gaining time in return. I sure felt satisfied and useful after this event and big thanks are in order to those who coordinated and shared this service opportunity. Thank you to the Chico State Office of Civic Engagement (OCE), Community Action Volunteers in Education (CAVE), Student Life and Leadership (SLL) and all others who donated their time!

Book Recommendations


Co-written by Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz, this book was my saving grace during busy months. The Power of Full Engagement is bursting with step-by-step ways to recognize and harness your energy. Testimonials and and examples help the reader understand the difference between time and energy, and ultimately make both work in their favor. 

Get it here

As an intern with a social media restaurant management company, this book solidifies the philosophy I follow on a daily basis at work. Jay Baer explains the benefit of embracing complaints from customers and entering the world of modern customer service where complaints = oppurtunity!

Get it here

Janesville, written by talented Pulitzer Prize winning author Amy Goldstein, sophisticatedly outlines her account of the fallout following the closing of a General Motors’ assembly plant in Janesville, Wisconsin. She recounts the  evisceration of the working class in the United States. 

*Financial Times and McKinsey Business Book of the Year, Winner of the J. Anthony Lukas Book Prize​,  and a New York Times Notable Book... 

get it here

Tim Z. Hernandez weaves a captivating narrative from testimony, historical records, and eyewitness accounts, reconstructing the incident and the lives behind the legendary plane crash on January 1948 that claimed the lives of 28 Mexican deportees who have remained nameless and unidentified until now. 

get it here